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Solutions Delivery

Software teams work to analyze, model, and code solutions to your business needs

Software teams work to analyze, model, and code solutions to your business needs.  From inception to delivery, Alankok has the talent, the skill and the expertise to drive our customer’s long-term business success.  

We serve our customers through the discovery, development, implementation and support of innovative solutions to deliver quality and value. Our team of engaged professionals lead strategic requirements gathering to understand your concerns and build a comprehensive understanding of your team’s challenges, needs, and perspectives. From initial inquiries through requirements gathering, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support, we are there for you.

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Custom Software Development

Proposal built for your enterprise

We specialize in developing and optimizing web-based systems in support of large scale business workflows by employing Agile-Scrum project management software development and quality control approaches. Each discipline operates in accordance with a set of adaptive processes which are tailored and improved to fit specific engagements. You benefit from a uniquely customized solution tailored to drive value in your organization.

Business and System Architecture

Future proof design thinking

We establish an architectural foundation to meet the performance, scalability, and adaptability of your enterprise. Our deeply skilled technical team digs in to the findings, architecting solutions that go beyond meeting the needs you have expressed. We evaluate, design and implement with future scalability and change in mind.  You benefit from an architecture that is aligned with the technology, and data required to transform your organization.

Business Rules & Process Automation

Accelerating decision support

We establish a workflow foundation ensuring high performance to rapidly manage the complex rules to automate decision support. As business rules and processes change, this dynamic approach allows breathing room for each, negating many of the negative issues regarding maintainability. You benefit from eliminating or reducing redundancy in your busines processes.

Data Management

Driving accuracy in your data

From large scale overhauls to data fine tuning, Alankok works alongside you. We perform testing with production quality data, with the ability to incorporate business rules and constraints. We can generate scenario-based data that provides repeatable, extensible data generation to test a variety of outcomes. We help you make sense of your data so you can make well informed business decisions.

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