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Create a company based on the success of our customers.

We bring our company together in alignment with our clients on every engagement we deliver. This fuels confidence and trust and contributes to an organization’s success. Growth is an outcome of this focus. It drives enduring value in everything we do.

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  • To sustain our age old tribal values of providing high value business services that do not involve profit from any form of vice

  • To provide the customer with skilled and credentialed service providers to aid the customer in meeting mission objectives 

  • To ensure that the customer receives true value through high quality provider services at competitive rates

  • To ensure our providers receive the highest quality personal care and are managed in a fashion that promotes professionalism and a commitment to the customer’s success

  • To promote company loyalty among our providers through valuing their expertise by providing competitive remuneration and benefits commensurate with their position

  • To respect the customer and the provider by being acutely sensitive to the demands of unique work environments and mission objectives

  • To be mindful that our company’s professional performance must be of benefit to our tribe and our country

  • To always maintain high ethical standards and professional bearing

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Our parent company, Red Cedar Solutions, LLC was established in 2016 and offers professional services, consulting, project management support, building and facility management, clinical operations, healthcare management, technical support and specialized administrative staff. Alankok was established in partnership with RSDCGROUP, (RSDC) to expand offerings into software development, AI/ML applications, business transformation and systems engineering.  We provide technical and consulting resources and solutions to industry and government contracts supporting the Defense, Civilian, Aerospace, Energy, and Medical sectors.

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