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Systems Engineering

Design and manage your complex systems throughout their life cycles.

Are you struggling to get your technology initiative kicked-off?  Have you found the right integrator that has your business interests in mind? Our team can help you design, document and deploy business solutions that drive real results.

We have the necessary framework, technical expertise and execution experience to manage and deploy systems throughout your enterprise.  From the desktop, radio, server or satellite, our team of consulting systems engineers have proven reliability and design thinking that has resulted in sunless for our customers and their stakeholders. Lets partner together for a better solution.

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Systems Development Lifecycle

Managing complexity in execution

Today, traditional approaches to technology system development are adjusting to meet the ever-changing, complex needs of each unique organization and their stakeholders. Our team can help with step-by-step guidance through the phases of implementing both a physical and software based system. By using agile PLM, we can help you have a clear view of the entire project, the personnel involved, staffing requirements, a defined timeline, and precise objectives to achieve success.

Systems Architecture Design

Structured system organization

It can be a difficult task with the conceptual and practical articulation of the description and the design of complex systems. Our team can assist in the definition of a model to describe a system, the method in designing your system and the body of knowledge needed to architect your system that supports your business needs. From interconnects, outputs and outcomes, let our team assist you in the visualization complexities and drive clarity in your enterprise.

Telecommunication Services

Ensure communications in any environment

Your organization needs to communicate under any circumstance. Our team understands how to design, install and manage the full spectrum of communications across any spectrum or media. We have global experience with satellite communications via fly away kits servicing voice, video and data in any environment. Let us help get your communication strategy in place.

Installation and Sustainment

Focused on operational excellence

Understanding what you need to meet your organizations objective is one thing, deploying and managing it is another.  Our team has experience in system and software lifecycle management from a global service delivery. From shipment to decommission, our team can help you install your systems and support them throughout its lifecycle.  From desktop to infrastructure, we can help you succeed.

Technical Requirements Definition and Documentation

Focused on results

Defining the requirements of your initiative is an instrumental factor in its success. Our team has experience in presenting why the project is needed, what it must accomplish, help defining scope and articulating specifications.  Our team employs tools and templates to help accelerate your project requirements to speed up approval and adoption within your organization. Let's work together and help get it right the first time.

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