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Cloud Services

Unlock the promise of the cloud

Has your organization evaluated how cloud services can reduce costs and accelerate your technology and business initiatives? Have you been struggling with the best way to the approach cloud, mitigate risk and ensure cost reduction? Our team can help guide you from start to finish while keeping you in the drivers seat.

Cloud computing services provide the opportunity for companies to adopt the best suited service delivery models in combination to address business needs with efficiency and speed. The benefits offered by the cloud in general are: collaboration, data availability, flexibility, greater business agility and cost savings.

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Cloud Implementations

Section through adoption

There are many cloud services available but selecting the right one can be daunting. Our team is versed in helping identify a low risk implementation strategy that meets the service and SLA requirements of your organization.  Contact us so we can work with you to start your path to the cloud.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost reduction by design

Reducing or eliminating capitol costs is. We can help reduce cost by selecting the right types, configurations and storage solutions to suit your needs. Our team can identify solutions that let you scale horizontally when required or scale down when necessary.

Architecture & Design Implementations

Adaptive and Elastic

The way we view our enterprise is changing.  Now we focus on services, not servers. Resources are now on demand or disposable based on the function it serves in the organization. From databases to web services, we understand how to design a solution that holds up to your organization now and what it can be for the future.

Security Implementations

Security in depth

The demands of accessing and controlling cloud data and assets is becoming more complex. Our team helps identify an enterprise level view of the systems and security processes that underpin successful cloud strategy.  Our team can help you navigate complex requirements and regulatory mandates, allowing your organization to unlock the potential of the cloud.

Cloud to Cloud / Cloud to Legacy Integration

Not all clouds are the same

Not all clouds and applications are built the same. Understanding how different vendors interact with each other is paramount to connecting vital business applications. Our team is versed in multiple cloud vendors and service experience. Let us help you with achieving a seamless integration regardless of the environment.

Cloud Migrations

From on premise to the cloud

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be scary. Alankok understands the best practices, tools and procedures for leading cloud providers to accelerate your movement to the cloud. We offer cloud migration consulting for a smooth experience.

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